Our team have been supporting the UK salon and beauty sector business market since for over 10 years

Formed as a direct result of the major banks becoming more and more selective the founding directors felt that the creation of a business which could offer the very best parts of each finance company would help create lots of YES’s and few NO’s

Our company has grown on that very simple concept. We like to say Yes, we work harder to make deals happen, we are competitive and we have a team of winners who like to listen and that helps us source the best fit for our clients.

Our aim is to give our customers a personal service so that they derive the greatest benefit from our knowledge and experience in this ever-changing market.

Finding competitive finance for your capital expenditure can be daunting and as a result we try to make the process hassle free and efficient.

We are constantly updating our financing contacts and currently have access to over 70 specialist funders.

Whatever type of Leasing or Hire Purchase that you need, we can guide you through the process.

Based on your financial position, we will advise you which method of funding will provide you with the greatest advantages.

Consider the main benefits to you of using leasing to enhance your business and find answers to the questions that may concern you.

A very wide range of equipment can be leased.

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