If you are a manufacturer or retailer of salon or beauty equipment, your customers may have restraints on capital budgets which restrict the amount of equipment they are able to buy from you, or perhaps you would like to encourage them to accelerate the timing of their capital expenditure. Salon Finance can offer tailor-made vendor finance programmes that will:

  • Help you to sell more equipment by offering your customer a finance facility that meets their specific requirements
  • Help you overcome price objections by offering an alternative and additional method of finance
  • Enable you to stay in control of your customer’s buying decision

How does a vendor finance programme work?

  • Salon Finance will provide all the expertise, knowledge and support to create a unique vendor finance programme that meets the needs of your business. There is no ‘one size fits all’ packaged solution, as every vendor’s needs are different.
  • As soon as you or your channel partners are engaging with a key customer, involve Salon Finance as early as possible and we can work with you to structure a suitable financial solution which meets the customer’s budget constraints and your pricing requirements. We will also confirm whether we can approve finance for your customer on the proposed structure. If the decision is positive, you can close the deal with all parties knowing how and when payment is going to be made. When the finance documentation is signed and the equipment delivered, one of Salon Finance’s panel lenders will settle the sales invoice immediately, reducing your debtor-management.
  • Salon Finance takes care of all the customer administration from then on and can keep you informed when the customer reaches pre-agreed upgrade and technology-refresh points, at which point we can agree a joint approach to make the customer’s upgrade experience smooth and easy
  • Your customer pays the finance arranged in affordable instalments over the useful like of the asset, enabling them to keep up to date with the latest capital equipment.

Why suppliers use Salon Finance

Our experience and long-term commitment in equipment leasing and asset finance ensurse that suppliers like you can achieve its financing goals with confidence. We take a more flexible, creative approach to serving your needs, and we will work directly with you to identify opportunities and develop financing solutions for all types of equipment.

  • Do you want to increase your sales?
  • Do you want to improve your margins?
  • Do you want to reduce your debtor days?

The answer to all these questions must be YES

If your company is involved in supplying capital goods to customers you will find that by offering your clients a leasing / rental option as opposed to outright purchase you will:

Overcome cost objections…

  • A finance option allows your customer to increase the amount they buy from you
  • They can acquire more within their budget
  • It is easier for you to close the sale

Improve profit margins

  • By offering a finance option there is no need to offer discounts

Increase unit sales at full cost

  • With more customers taking a finance option, sales volumes should increase.

Reduce your debtor days

  • Have your invoices paid within 5 working days.
  • Dramatically improving your cash flow.
  • Eliminate the 30 to 60 day wait to receive settlement from your customers.

Increase customer retention

  • Finance allows your customer to add further equipment to the contract as soon as they need it
  • No waiting until there is sufficient spare cash to buy it.
  • They can use state of the art equipment and not worry about obsolescence
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