Our Values

We value our customers and prospective customers. We will show our customers that we value them by being Approachable, Professional, Friendly, Creative, Flexible, Honest & Trustworthy.

We value and will pro actively support our colleagues, suppliers and others whom our business interacts with. We will all show that, in word and deed. without that there is little point in coming to work.

We value honesty, integrity, hard work and self-development. The keys to successful business.

We value enjoying our work and dealing with our customers and prospective customers.

We value being a business where people are encouraged to grow and achieve their ambitions

We value experience but at the same time will try to bring fresh ideas to the markets in which we operate.

We value independence. From independence comes strength.

Most of all we endeavour to add value to our customers businesses by considering their needs and providing fairly priced financial services to meet those needs. By offering good value to our customers along with maintaining an environment where people value a sense of belonging within Salon Finance we will be successful in the marketplaces in which we operate

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